Wednesday, December 11, 2019

As Nancy Pelosi Destroys the Democratic Party

Nancy Pelosi
So far it appears that the Democratic Party impeachment extravaganza will do nothing but weaken the Democratic Party.

The New York Post reports:
A small group of House Democrats fearful of their re-election prospects has revived the idea of censuring President Trump instead of impeaching him, according to a report out Tuesday.
The Democrats, all repping districts Trump won in 2016, met Monday afternoon to consider their options, no matter how slim, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had already put the kibosh on censure, Politico reported.
The lawmakers, about 10, included Reps. Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, Kurt Schrader of Oregon, Ben McAdams of Utah and Anthony Brindisi of upstate New York.
How desperate are they? The Post continues:
Some of the Dems have contacted centrist House Republicans in recent days to see whether they might be willing to censure Trump, the website reported. It’s not known what response they got, if any.
And on the presidential campaign front, this from Real Clear Politics:
 Amid all the accusations and gut-level vitriol on display, outside the House hearing room another impeachment dynamic was beginning to take shape: the self-inflicted 2020 blowback Democrats face for basing their impeachment campaign on President Trump’s attempts to push another country’s leader to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden, their highly questionable dual roles in Ukraine and the obvious conflicts of interest they posed.

On Thursday the former vice president showed just how sensitive he is on the topic. Biden lashed out at an Iowa voter who accused the 77-year-old Democratic primary contender of being too old and helping his son Hunter attain a lucrative role serving on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company, despite having no prior experience in the energy sector...

If Biden thought that townhall question was tough, he can expect far worse from Senate Republicans as the impeachment enters the next phase and moves to the upper chamber early next year.

Eric Ueland, the White House director of legislative affairs, told reporters Wednesday afternoon that the White House plans to mount an aggressive defense during the Senate trial. The strategy includes spotlighting live witness testimony on the Senate floor – not the videotaped depositions that were submitted as evidence in the Bill Clinton impeachment trial 20 years ago...

 [E]ven Democratic impeachment witnesses testified last month that Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma raised legitimate conflict-of-interest questions and that they were at a loss to explain why no one in the Obama administration put a stop to it.

Having that unsavory Burisma conflict put into sharp, televised relief during an impeachment trial early next year could be the final jolt that knocks the Biden campaign off its already shaky moorings...

The timing couldn’t be worse for Biden with the Iowa caucuses coming Feb. 3 and the New Hampshire primary eight days later. Senate Republicans have already signaled they intend to extend an impeachment trial into the primary season.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may go down as one of the weakest and dumbest House speakers in US history.

A crashing lefty Democratic Party is not a bad thing. Go Nancy, go!

But will the Deep State snake, Lindsey Graham, throw her a lifeline?



  1. All the rightest on talk radio are cheering her stupidity. And so am I!

  2. Lets encourage them to continue in their righteous liberal path to glory!

  3. Hopefully one party down, one to go! Thankfully the libertarian party continues to be irrelevant so we won’t ever need to hope for its destruction.