Sunday, December 8, 2019

A New Trump Policy

My concern for Israel is on the same level as my concern for England, Italy or Zimbabwe.

Why should I care about any of them beyond a very limited occasional passing thought?

Super support for Israel is a sketchy game for politicians that has nothing to do with the average American and, as a matter of fact, is dangerous for the average American



  1. An American President insisting Americans love Israel more is much more dangerous for American Jews than it is dangerous for American gentiles. I live in Israel and this tweet creeps me out.

  2. Nope. Sorry, Trump, but I refuse to 'love' Israel at all.

  3. F*&K the Terrorist state of Israel! They are the bad guys every bit as evil as Iran, Saudia Arabia the US! Im done giving a shit for a people that was once oppressed worse than anyone who now oppresses others.

    1. See my comment above. This is exactly what worries me.

  4. I reserve my love for people with whom I have relationships, not for nations or large swaths of geographic territory.