Friday, November 29, 2019

"Will You Vote for Tulsi Gabbard?"

Tulsi Gabbard
Viresh emails:
Over on TargetLiberty and on you have been very helpful in showing how great Tulsi Gubbard is (I know she has minor flaws) in comparison to other candidates. 
Out of curiosity, will you vote for her? I have always taken the stance of not voting at all.
RW response:

Well, she is good on some issues but I wouldn't consider her great. She is no Ron Paul but she is much better than the others currently running for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, by far.

I don't plan on voting for her though---or anyone else for that matter. I have never voted (at an early age I was heavily influenced by Harry Browne before he became political)

I will be coming out with a paper next year, closer to the election, where I discuss under what conditions I would vote.

I will also examine in the paper why it rarely makes sense to vote. Some of the arguments I plan on putting forth, I haven't seen in print before.


  1. I normally don't vote either. And when I do, it's usually write-in votes, e.g. my brother or father or myself (the only people I would trust with power), or "Thomas Jefferson", or "Donald Duck" or "Kiss my ass" and the like.

  2. Typically, I only vote to vote AGAINST any tax increase or new bond that the local overlords want to float. Otherwise, I just look at the ballot as an opportunity to "screw" with their system.

  3. My last vote was for Harry Browne in 2000. I was in late-stage minarchism at the time.