Monday, November 4, 2019

Why is Trump Tweeting This?

Is this the latest US attempt to gain control of Iraq? Are US regime change operatives behind this to push out the Iranian influence which developed in Iraq after the US took out Saddam Hussein?

That Trump cares just shows that part of the Deep State still has influence over him (While other sectors of the Deep State are running pretty much the same operation on him).

Trump retweeted both of these:



  1. Cause he’s a moron? Or, he really does want a war with Iran. Does he need one to win re-election, or, would a war guarantee he doesn’t win re-election?
    Wag the dog? Impeachment going on, start a war. Do we want to have the commander in chief in the middle of this when he has a war to fight? Rally around the troops, and their commander? Who knows.
    I think answer 1 is closer to the truth.

    1. I was going with "All of the above".

    2. Indeed! This is the leading terrorist organization on the planet and its middle name is Foment

  2. Maybe the people who said that Trump has no core values were right all along?