Monday, November 25, 2019

What is Mike Bloomberg Hiding?

Michael Bloomberg
So the boring billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, has entered the race.

Below is his first campaign ad. To me, it seems as boring as his personality appears to be.

But maybe it is a good introductory ad. I am guessing that he spent some part of his $58 billion in net worth to test the ad. But from a gut level, in my view, it just doesn't work. No one is ever going to remember this ad, the way they remember Donald Trump riding the escalator down to announce his presidential run.


But more curious than the boring ad is Bloomberg's position on foreign policy. With US troops around the world, Trump taking controversial steps with troops in Syria and a general hate of Russians by Democrats, this is Bloomberg's foreign policy statement on his campaign web page:

Click for larger view,

This is the damn strangest foreign policy position statement I have ever seen.

There is just no commentary at all on the hot topic foreign policy issues of the day. He is kind of detailing the equivalent of his adult Boy Scout merit badges,

I mean, it's like he listed everything that is uncontroversial and insignificant as possible. I doubt he would even mention that he is a collector of postage stamps of the world if he were such.

I am guessing that at some point he will have to say something about foreign policy hot issues but for whatever reason, he doesn't want to do it a second sooner than he has to. And if his web page is an indication, he is going to dodge the essence of foreign policy issues when he is forced to answer.

 What is Bloomberg hiding?


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  1. I heard a theory. . . as a candidate Bloomberg can spent an unlimited amount of money to counter Trump. Throwing his hat in the ring could just be a way around campaign finance laws.