Thursday, November 7, 2019

VIDEO: Glenn Greenwald Physically Attacked During Debate

UPDATE: Translation of exchange below.

At roughly the 3:50 mark.


 If you are a  Portuguese speaking Target Liberty visitor, I would greatly appreciate it if you add a quick summary in the comments about what is being said that caused things to get so heated. Thanks.



Greenwald explains what went down:


Jubal emails:

 I can't speak Portuguese, but Spanish is my first language, so I can
understand more or less what is said with the help of the subtitles. I
try to translate the best I can.

First, Greenwald says that he didn't know that Nunes was going to be
there, but there is no problem because he (Greenwald) is willing to
debate anyone, including Augusto Nunes. Greenwald says that they have
had political disagreements, that he (Greenwald) has no problem with his
work being criticized, and it is understood that there is no problem
with that. However, Greenwald says that Nunes said something in other
channel that Greenwald judges as "the most ugly and dirty that I've
heard in my journalistic career, even after being at war with the CIA,
the Obama government, the UK government". Greenwald continues saying:
"He [Nunes] said that a judge [specialized in considering affairs
concerning children/minors --I don't know the equivalent figure in US
law and the exact denomination] should investigate our children and
decide if we are going to lose them [obviously, due to the authorities
taking them from Greenwald and his partner]... with no basis, accusing
us of negligent care of our children. The most loathsome thing I've seen
in my life". Then, Greenwald asks Nunes if he really said that /
reaffirms the accusation (I can't discern exactly the nuance).

I don't understand the first part of Nunes' reply, but then he says that
Greenwald doesn't know how to recognize irony or a jocular criticism.
Then, Nunes asks Greenwald to provide evidence (that Nunes formulated
the accusation? -- I don't understand this part). Then, Greenwald
repeteadly calls Nunes a coward and the confrontation escalates from
words to fists.

I hope you find this useful. Greetings,


More from Jubal

I'm glad you found useful my tentative translation. I was unsatisfied with my limited understanding of Nunes' reply and curious about the origin of the incident, and who was closer to the truth, so I've done some additional reseach that I'm sharing here.

Listening to Nunes' reply several times again, I think that I understand it a little better. To the extent of my limited understanding, the gist of his reply can be summarized in these three points:
1) Greenwald doesn't know how to recognize irony or a jocular criticism.
2) Nunes invites Greenwald to show evidence that he said that some judge/court should investigate that.
3) That Nunes said that Greenwald's partner spends a lot of time in Brasilia and Greenwald spends a lot of time working with leaked information (to criticize the government). That he only wondered in a humourously tone who was taking care of the children.

At this point, Nunes tries to continue talking, saying "and this, and this..." when Greenwald starts to call Nunes a coward.

I've been able to find a video of the original commentary by Augusto Nunes. It's titled "Quem cuida das crian,cas? O juizado de menores deveria investigar Glenn afirma Augusto Nunes". Translated to English, it says: "Who takes care of the children? A court of minors should investigate, Augusto Nunes says". It was published on September 2nd:

Nunes says what is referred in point 2) above: "Glenn Greenwald spends the day having tantrums(?) in Twitter or working as a receiver of stolen (leaked) information" and then the part about David Miranda (Greenwald's partner) spending a lot of time in Brasilia. At 0:23 Nunes concludes saying something including the words "minors" and "investigate", but I can't understand the whole sentence and the subtitles don't help. Anyway, we have its sense clearly stated in the title of the video.

I hope this helps to comprehend and better form an opinion about what happened.


  1. To be fair, Greenwald was in the guy's face repeating "you're a coward" over and over again until it got physical. I have a feeling that most men on cable news in the US would react similarly.

    1. Oh, sure, Chuck Todd is gonna man up and slug Greenwald. "Oh, you Bitch!". I'd pay to see THAT cat fight!

  2. Greenwald needs to buy the "100 Deadly Skills" book.

  3. My 91 yr-old mother-in-law can punch harder than that, and would have no problem taking that punch in the face.