Friday, November 22, 2019

Trump Gets Set to Go Nuclear

This is the latest Drudge headline:

Of course, he wants a trial in the Senate if the Democrats actually go through with a House impeachment!!

As I have explained (SEE: Does Speaker Pelosi Have Any Idea as to What the Hell She is Doing?), Nancy Pelosi is a very weak Speaker to allow such a weak impeachment inquiry to proceed and Shifty Schiff is just dumb.

A trial in the Republican-controlled Senate would be the real show and it would dig up all the real dirt that Shifty Schiff blocked in the House inquiry.

If you want to see high ratings, watch when the televised broadcast of Republican senators asking Hunter Biden what he did, to get $50,000 per month from a Ukranian energy company, hits the airwaves.

And that is just for starters.

Pelsoi is boxed in. She either stops the impeachmnet inquiry right now and ends up with egg on her face or she allows an impeachment vote to go through. If it passes, it is the same thing as handing Capitol Hill nuclear activation codes to Trump to nukes aimed at the Democratic House caucus room.



  1. The GOP has a much-deserved reputation as the proverbial circular firing squad (aka, the Stupid Party). I could see them rapidly capitulating in the Senate under some vague platitude about the need to "put this divisive issue behind us," etc.