Wednesday, November 13, 2019

This is What You Should Be Doing Instead of Watching the Impeachment Hearings

I had a chance to watch the new Oliver Stone production, Revealing Ukraine, last night.

After you watch it, you will think President Trump deserves a medal for trying to uncover the shady goings-on in Ukraine that involved an American driven coup of the democratically elected Ukranian president and the shady operations to help Hillary Clinton in her 2016 presidential election bid, not to mention the crony stuff the Bidens were up to.

As I have written before. I see nothing wrong with Trump proposing a quid pro quo to get to the bottom of what was going on in Ukraine. (SEE: The Impeachment Show Inquiry: An Assessment).

After you watch this documentary, you will wonder why Trump isn't going even more aggressively to expose what has been going on in Ukraine with American operatives.

Well, there is good news. Once the impeachment show is over, friends tell me Trump is going to hit back nuclear style exposing the Democrats and their sinister operations in Ukraine.

Watch the film here:




  1. I watched it last night. I had no idea that Ukraine used to manufacture so much.

  2. Trump is going do a lot of things.
    He just never gets around to doing them.