Friday, November 1, 2019

This is How Extreme a Socialist Bernie Sanders Really Is

We are all used to Bernie's socialist desires for free medicare and education for all.

Of course, paid for by taxpayers and managed by the government's bureaucracy.

But in a new tweet, Sanders reveals his socialist desires go much deeper as far as his plans for controlling private property and business operations.

Deadspin, a sports news and blog website, originally founded by Gawker Media was recently purchased by the private equity firm, Great Hill Partners. The website along with some other former Gawker Media properties were purchased from Gizmodo Media Group and renamed  G/O Media.

 Jim Spanfeller was appointed as CEO of G/O.

Apparently part of the Great Hill strategy is to make Deadspin a more consistent sports site versus sports mixed with some social justice commentary.

Spanfeller sent out a memo that writers were to focus on sports at the sports site. SJW outrage ensued with many editors and writers quitting in protest. How dare Spanfeller trying to reposition Deadspin as a consistent sports site!

Bernie Sanders is siding with the editors and writers who quit.
This is old school Leninist-type thinking.

Bernie just threw out his cover that he is a Scandanavian-type "socialist."

The socialist structure of Scandanavian-type countries, if they can even be called socialist, is really that of a large welfare state. The countries don't meddle in the operating decisions of the private sector corporations. That is a completely different ball game much more reminiscent of the tyrannical rule of Lenin and Stalin.

It is a type of meddling and control at the micro-level that is incredibly economically inefficient and ends up in violence.  It is Venezuela-style socialism.

Thanks, Bernie for revealing just how much of a bad actor you really are.


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  1. Was there any doubt about Bernies Brand of Mania? I mean really? Socialism is a very deep seated kind of insanity that will twist anyone that affiliates themselves with it.

    Its the quintessential liars political system. Nothing else comes close.