Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Immigrant-Haters Are Losing Another Direction of Attack

Immigrant-haters have long promoted the idea prevalent amongst crazed-lefty Democrats that Hispanic voters are a source of developing power for the Left. That they will move America lefty.

But, I have long argued that it is incorrect to think Latin American immigrants are necessarily a strong base for crazed-lefty Democrats. Latinos are family-oriented. They are not going to jump on board the aggressive family-destroying policies of the crazed-left.

It doesn't make sense, and to the degree that Democrats expect life-long allegiance from Latinos to crazed lefty goals, they may be once again displaying their failure to think deep.

As I have written:
[I]t is probably much easier to flip them [Hispanic immigrants] toward liberty then spoiled white kids who are educated in American anti-liberty colleges and universities and never worked a day while they went to school.
The truth is starting to seep in even at The New York Times. NYT columnist Ross Douthat writes:
 [A] lot of Trump-era polling shows the president holding or even expanding his Hispanic support, and it shows Warren, in particular, struggling with Latino voters, both in the primary and the general races.
Which is what you’d expect if, as my colleague Tom Edsall has argued, Hispanics (and African-Americans and Asians) now represent the moderate wing of the Democratic Party, the pocketbook-conscious, somewhat culturally conservative flank. In that case they’re a constituency where a less-bigoted-seeming G.O.P. could make substantial inroads, and where even a figure like Trump, if the economy is strong enough and the Democrat seems sufficiently culturally extreme, can at least win enough minority support to keep himself competitive.


  1. Time and time again free stuff trumps family oriented. The government offers free stuff and the family unit weakens. Also the children of the immigrants will go to the same government schools and the same leftist controlled colleges as the american kids. And the lefties control more and more of the universities too. Typical immigrant children of the past would go study real things like engineering and avoid the lefty control, but lefty control has been moving into those schools over the last decade. The immigrants who are not far lefty will die off, their children and/or grandchildren will empower further collectivism.

    Trump speaks to the hard working productive immigrants who like the "immigrant haters" don't want to be taxed for other people. Remember there are two classes of immigrants, those that would come here without a welfare state and those that come here because of the welfare state. The lefties want the later over the former. With little exception the "immigrant haters" don't mind the former and don't want the later.

  2. All good points. I'll take an uneducated immigrant with a good attitude over a whiny homegrown white boy with a head full of nonsense from the public schools anyday.

  3. But remember that the GOP managed to alienate conservative black church ladies, a seemingly natural constituency.

  4. I think what is attracting Trump to some Latinos is his authoritarianism and his toxic masculinity.

  5. I have a ton of experience with Hispanics. They have a relatively strong orientation toward family and religion but they are not freedom oriented. Most of the flipping toward liberty would be collateral. Collateral liberty may not be the strongest but is better than the alternative.

    Most people are not freedom oriented regardless of race. They just don’t think about it. They react to what they think is best for themselves. Collateral liberty is probably the majority of the liberty we have remaining.

    The diminishment of liberties is due in large part to the replacement of family and spirituality with government. The propaganda machine has been endorsing this replacement for decades. Education is a huge part of the propaganda machine. This is part of the reason for the endorsement of higher education. Tuition loan guaranties and now talk of forgiving those loans and “free” college for all is part of keeping young minds in indoctrination centers as long as possible.

    Similar to all Americans, Hispanics will not be immune to this as more and more of them are subjected to miss-education. The diminishment of family and spirituality is now part of the American way. Americans of all races used to be heavily oriented toward family and spirituality. Hispanics and other immigrants are just behind on their indoctrination.

    Government involvement in education is our biggest problem.

    1. By golly, you nailed it!!! "Collateral Liberty" goes into my glossary.

  6. Collateral Liberty = A national ID card so you can receive all the “freebees” the state has to offer.