Saturday, November 9, 2019

Sounds to Me as Though Nikki Haley is Expecting the VP Spot on the 2020 Trump Ticket

Generally, the Republican establishment is not coming to Trump's aid during the impeachment inquiry.

 Which makes the below video very interesting. Nikki Haley is certainly a card-carrying member of the Republican establishment.

Will Trump put her on the ticket as VP in 2020?

Trump is weak with Republican women, Haley would surely help.

She would also get the neocons to tone down their attacks.

The loyal Mike Pence may be about to learn what Roy Cohn meant when he said, "Trump pisses ice water."



  1. I thought she was gonna run for PM of Israel.

  2. I was gonna comment that Cohn would know by the temperature: "Can I hold that for you?", but I thought that would be too nasty.