Thursday, November 14, 2019

Should We Fear the Grandchildren of Illegal Immigrants?

In response to the post, The Truth About Immigration and Homicide Rates in New York City: 1850 – 2017, where Alex Nowrasteh reports on data that shows there is a negative relationship between immigration and crime in the United States, a commenter writes:

When the children and grandchildren of immigrants are considered "natives" your statistics are pointless.
I have heard this comment before. It is apparently a type of thinking that immigrants are good but their children and grandchildren somehow magically turn evil.

First of all, it is incorrect thinking to make the claim the commenter makes, since the data shows that increasing immigrants translate into fewer homicides. Taking into consideration the children and grandchildren of immigrants would only add more immigrants (or those related to immigrants) as part of the population it wouldn't increase the homicide rate. The commenter doesn't understand the data or how adding children and garndchildren wouldn't change a damn thing realtive to homicides.

Secondly, I have never once heard anyone making the "fear the grandkids" claim to provide data that would substantiate such a claim. To be sure, putting immigrant kids, or any kids, through an inner-city public school system is not going to do anything for their moral character but that is a problem of government schools, not immigration.

Finally, on an anecdotal basis, from someone who has traveled in most of the major cities in the United States, I have not once felt the need to cross the street when I have seen a group of likely immigrants or second-generation immigrants in front of me.

That has not always been the case with homegrown public school urban primitives.



  1. UI couldn't agree with you more RW. In fact I would say that immigration is the best hope for slowing America's slide toward true socialism. Despite the fact the government has trashed the constitution, most immigrants still see America as an embodiment of the constitutions principals and they live their lives that way.

  2. I agree for the most part. After all I recently advocated for open borders at I will contradict that a bit now by pointing out the issues with some Muslim immigrants in Europe. The reports of “grooming gangs” warrant not only crossing the street but avoiding that street all together.

    I have read that some women (and young boys) are afraid to go out of their homes. This has a lot to do with the legal systems in these jurisdictions not only avoiding policing and pursuit of Muslim criminals but putting the blame on the victims.

    1. As Alex so adeptly points out there are those would come here to not to contribute to contribute to the long dead American dream but to tear it all the way down and create chaos.

      Not so interested in them to be honest. But whats a few handful million more mouths to feed living in the sovereign even though the state is actively trying to increase financial disparity and make all but the 1% poor.

      TBH I want the financial crash to happen to make the shithole the US is now even more unappealing to those that would come here.

  3. Sounds much like an argument to fix the underlying problems of government schools and government wealth transfers to make immigration a non-issue.

    Because once government schools are gone there will be no worry of the children and grandchildren taking up the behavior patterns of "urban primitives" in addition to lowering the numbers of homegrown "primitives".

    If mass immigration did not serve the state under present conditions, the state would put an end to it. This is why the conditions must be changed such that immigration does not serve the state.

  4. Granted that including immigrant progeny in your graph would bolster your case, so what? I wouldn't consider the thesis that natives need not fear random murder from immigrants to be a very convincing argument for immigration. But, your graph is short-sighted. The murder will come when the empire collapses and instead of a homogenous people competing for suddenly scarce resources, we will now have multiple ethic groups competing for resources.

    Large migrations always lead to war. And the largest in recorded human history will be no different. If you desire large scale immigration then you desire war. It's really that simple.