Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Roger Stone Song: When You Mess With A Clinton

The technicalities that they went after Roger on, they could have gone after just about anyone in the Bush or Clinton administrations. But all those operators played ball with the establishment, Roger didn't.

This is why they went after Roger. He went after all of them. He exposed everything:


"The most dangerous man in America." said the Village Voice.

The most dangerous to the establishment that is.

The Bush crime family and the Clinton crime family are celebrating tonight, let's do our part to reverse that:


  1. Cute Vid.
    If they could do this to Roger, just wait 'til they get ahold of Julian. That is, if he doesn't die in that UK prison.

  2. Roger Stone is going to prison, while the Clintons yet walk free. The world has gone mad. This is Alice-in-Wonderland territory...