Friday, November 22, 2019

Has the Establishment Left Completely Lost Their Minds (Tulsi Derangement Syndrome Edition)?

Tulsi Gabbard
It appears the left is getting almost as deranged about Tulsi Gabbard and her anti-regime change war position as they are about Donald Trump.

Things are so bad at establishment lefty central that The New York Times fashion columnist Vanessa Friedman has gotten into the attack.

In a column titled,  Tulsi Gabbard’s White Pantsuit Isn’t Winning, Friedman wrote:
Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, underdog presidential candidate, has, by all indications, made it her uniform. And yet no one really seems to care... it most probably also has to do with the fact that Ms. Gabbard herself doesn’t seem particularly interested in connecting with the suffragists, but rather is using her white suits to tap into another tradition, latent in the public memory: the mythical white knight, riding in to save us all from yet another “regime change war.”
Is Friedman serious? Does she really want to taunt Gabbard into wearing a dress on stage?

Is this what she wants?

 Is this how they want Tulsi to compete against Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar?

And this is supposed to help Bones Warren and Frumpy Klobuchar?

I am sure in the deep dark recesses of the internet where Tulsi has already been dubbed "mommy," the meme #MommyPleaseWhereADressForMe has probably already started.


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  1. The mindless members of the Idiocracy dont have the intelligence to debate real topics so the do what they can with what they have.