Monday, November 18, 2019

Does Speaker Pelosi Have Any Idea as to What the Hell She is Doing?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
By Robert Wenzel

The mainstream media claims that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a very strong leader of the House Democrats, but you really have to wonder.

There have been indications that Pelosi has never wanted an impeachment hearing. Indications are that she was pushed into it by the loud screaming young socialists in the House and the hardcore Trump-haters, which, of course, include Shiffty Schiff.

But if Pelosi is such a strong leader, why wasn't she able to shut down this runaway impeachment inquiry that could lead to disaster for the Democrats?

The inquiry remains ongoing, but at this point, there has been little in the way of dramatic testimony that could drive a tsunami of new negative opinion against Trump. Minor blips of changes in public opinion are not going to do it. If that tsunami does not come, in what remains of the House impeachment hearings, for all practical purposes the Democrats are wearing a suicide vest. And Trump won't talk them out of using it, he will help them pull the cord.

If the Democrats are not able to raise the drama to near Shakespearean levels with perhaps an "Et tu, Brute" moment, Act 2 and Act 3 are not going to be pretty for the Democrats.

If the Democrats are not able to finish off Trump in what remains of the impeachment inquiry, Trump is not going to lose support in the Senate.

And then it will be the Republican-controlled Senate's turn. 

That is, Trump and Senate Republicans are waiting until they can see the whites of the Deep State eyes---and then they will go on offense.

All the roadblocks that Shady Schiff has put on the Republicans in the House hearing will be gone in a Senate trial. 

That means we will get to see some real high drama, like Republican senators getting to ask Hunter Biden just what exactly he brought to the table to earn $50,000 a month from a Ukranian energy company. 

This is going to be about Senator Rand Paul entering from stage right.

Politico reports:
Sen. Rand Paul could force a vote on the Senate floor that would bring Hunter Biden or other White House-favored impeachment witnesses to an impeachment trial.
Paul said on Thursday he’s considering forcing votes on motions in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial allowing Trump to bring his own witnesses. The Kentucky senator and close Trump ally has urged Congress to call Hunter Biden as a witness for his work at a Ukrainian energy company...
“I believe very strongly the president should be able to call his own witnesses,” Paul told reporters on Thursday. “The rules that are put forward will be amendable, so yes I will consider strongly that the president should get his full due process, which to me means bringing in his own witnesses.”
I haven't watched, live, 10 seconds of the Shady Schiff show but I will clear my calendar for Rand Paul and team.

Yes, this is where Nancy Pelosi appears to be leading her Democrats with sidekick Adam Schiff if they don't find at least a smoking e-cigarette.

But here is the thing, Rand Paul is only Act 2.

There are also reports due from the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz and another investigative report from John H. Durham. These are going to be the real nuclear mushroom clouds. We will see some Democrats and some Deep State officials frogmarched. This will be Act 3.

Trump is in control now and it doesn't look good for Nancy. If Trump was really concerned about the inquiry, he wouldn't be stopping with tweets about Adam "Schitt"
He would also be tweeting about Nancy Peelosi.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of EconomicPolicyJournal.comand Target Liberty. He also writes EPJ Daily Alert and is author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bankand most recently Foundations of Private Property Society Theory: Anarchism for the Civilized Person Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics and on LinkedIn. His youtube series is here: Robert Wenzel Talks Economics. More about Wenzel here.

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  1. Rothbard’s law of political science: “nobody ever resigns unless your hand is caught directly in the till.” Think Nixon.

    Tom Woods Law: “no matter who you vote for, you’re always going to get John McCain.” Think Trump & Obama.

    And, no matter how heinous the crime; no matter how egregious the constitutional violation, no politician or Deep State actor ever goes to prison. Think Bill & Hillary.

    Believe me, I’d love to see politicians and/or Deep State operatives get “frogmarched,” but I’ll believe it when I see it.