Tuesday, November 12, 2019

BIG: New Oliver Stone Production "Revealing Ukraine"

The new Oliver Stone production, Revealing Ukraine, is out.

I haven't seen the documentary yet but a friend who is very familiar with what is going on in Ukraine tells me it is spot on.

Here are two Amazon reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Very important documentary fo all Americans to see.                      I believe this excellent objective documentary by Oliver Stone must be seen by all Americans. Ukraine is a very volatile country that seems to be controlled by very powerful Democrats including the Biden family, George Soros and others. This film explains how Ukraine collusion was used to try to keep President Trump from getting elected and to help Hillary Clinton get into office. Highly informative and in the end very very scary. Thank you Mr. Igor Lopatonok and Mr Stone for making this film. 
 5.0 out of 5 stars"The World Is Watching!"
Do you care about America, Justice, Facts, Truthful/Honest Journalism? Then, I IMPLORE everyone to watch "REVEALING UKRAINE!" This documentary flows like an 'Award-Winning' Blockbuster Film! Whether you are clueless or well-informed, "Revealing Ukraine" will leave you aghast with the levels of deception & corruption by the Obama Administration, State Department, then VP Joe Biden, and the Western #FakeNews #EnemyOfThePeople #MSM I was on the edge of my seat watching, getting up & pacing, throwing my hands up in complete frustration with what I was learning! The Ukrainian corrupt politicians all thought that HRC would win & assisted Hillary in developing the #RussiaHoax by a corrupt journalist/politician Serhiy Leshchenko. You won't be surprised to find George Soros involved with the upheaval of Ukraine & it's financial spoils to the United States via his Non-Profits & Coal, Diesel Locomotives, Autos imports among other opportunities. I promise you that you will enjoy this movie/documentary and if it impacts you like it has me, SHARE it with all of your friends, families, acquaintances,...anyone & everyone! Literally this has to be MANDATORY watching for anyone who considers themselves to be a #Patriot of & for America! Thank you to everyone who produced this film, & sharing their passion for truth, transparency, & freedom!!! It truly is refreshing to hear honest reporting/journalism. God Bless America!!!! And God Bless Ukraine!!!!
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