Monday, November 18, 2019

Alex Jones: "I May Just Be Completely Done With Trump"

Roger Stone
Alex Jones, who has been a strong supporter of President Trump, appeared this morning on Washington DC-based "Nixon and Stranahan" and told listeners that "If Trump doesn't pardon [Roger] Stone at or right after his sentencing on February 6  then I'd say I may just be completely done with Trump."

Jones interview starts at 22:31:




  1. So much for credibility. I was fired as the lead editor at Infowars for not throwing myself at the feet of Trump during the campaign. Now Alex Jones wants to disassociate from Trump because he may not pardon Roger Stone. How about pardoning everyone in prison for nonviolent and drug offenses? They don’t matter, of course, but Roger Stone with his Nixon tattoo and past as a Republican dirty trickster, Jones thinks he deserves a pardon. He does, of course, because this whole nasty affair is sending people to prison for lying to a congress of inveterate liars.

  2. Kurt,

    I completely empathize with you. I was “canceled” by a childhood friend and a former Ron Paul supporter because I refused to get on the Trump trajn. I respected his decision to support Trump, but he didn’t respect mine, largely because of the false propaganda coming from Alex Jones. The Trump right is so hypocritical about cancel culture, because they love it too when it fits their needs. Thanks to you and RW, I felt at peace with my decision to see the forest for the trees. We’re still in Afghanistan three years later so I’m glad stuck to my guns and avoided voting for another war criminal.