Saturday, October 12, 2019

YAL Pushing CIA Iranian Regime Change Propaganda

There is a quite remarkable video up on the Young Americans for Liberty Facebook page.

It shows a student who was born in Iran and now lives in the United States. She is spouting off damn CIA regime change talking points against the Iranian government.

I have quite a few Persian friends, and many are against the current Iranian regime but none of them use the bizarre talking points made in this video.

This is a pure CIA propaganda piece that ignores the US role in Iran prior to the revolution and the role US sanctions are playing in suffocating the Iranian economy.


(ht The Jackal)


  1. I've heard the same. While they aren't fans of the current regime, they have far more fear about who will come in and rape the country once the regime falls.

  2. When it says student born in Iran I assume that means less than 22 years old and has been in the USA since a very young age. Unless her parents and relatives told her about what the CIA and the rest did in Iran in 1979 and before she would have no clue. None of that is taught in the USA. It has to be learned on one's own. This is why they use the young, the young haven't been out of school long enough to learn much on their own.

  3. I started following YAL on Instagram after they started following my Patriot’s Lament page, although they are way to much into politics as a means for change than I can stand. I saw this video today but had not taken time to listen to it, but I kind of thought it might be what it is and wasn’t surprised when I did one of my routine Target Liberty check ins and saw this post. So, I have left comments to them, maybe if folks have time and want to, they should also give their opinion to YAL and ask them what the heck.
    At the very least, what does the Iranian government have to do with promoting Liberty in America? Thanks for putting this out there Bob.