Friday, October 18, 2019

VIDEO: Strong Tulsi Gabbard Reaction on The Tucker Carlson Show to Hillary Clinton Accusing Her of Being a Russian Asset

Note: This is the first time I have noticed her specifically calling out Democrats, Republicans and LIBERTARIANS to join her.

She may have mentioned libertarians in the past but this is the first time I have heard her do so.



Van Jones: Clinton Smeared Gabbard 'With No Facts'



  1. We'll see where things are next year. Trump has been far better than I expected in some ways. She is wack job on guns, green energy, and immigration. Those three things alone are reasons not to vote for her.

    1. She's not perfect but there's no question that I'd opt for Tulsi over Donald Trump.

      I'm curious how Trump has been "far better" than you expected? Isn't your big issue immigration? Trump hasn't done much but demagogue on that issue. There's no wall built, and the situation on the Mexican border is as chaotic as ever.

      On the issues she's good on, Tulsi is substantially better than Donald Trump. From her statements, she also seems to have taken a more moderate stance on immigration and abortion than other democratic candidates.

    2. Reasons? For voting? You mean you think you're controlling national outcomes with your ballot? To be sure, votes have the potential to screw up the best laid plans of some favor of other schemers, but the idea that people believe that they are actually controlling predictable outcomes for a nation of 350 million people is more delusional than writing a letter to Santa Claus.