Friday, October 11, 2019

TWITTER IN ATTACK MODE: Squirm Adam Silver, Squirm

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver
The Lefty attacks on the NBA continue, following a very dumb tweet by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey (See:The China-NBA Brouhaha Over a Tweet by the Houston Rockets General Manager)
The conservative part of Twitter is also in attack mode:

The real problem is NBA commissioner Adam Silver in the past postured the league as politically correct.

The anorexic freak Silver should have never mixed politics with the NBA in the first place.

Now, he looks like the weak-spined hypocrite he is and it is even rolling over to the players.

In almost all situations, it is totally nuts to mix business with politics, political correctness posing, etc.

Squirm Adam, squirm.


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  1. Hey, is that Jar Jar Binks?? Shoot, I knew he was an asshole from the movie!