Saturday, October 5, 2019

Trump's Senate Red Wall That Protects Him From Being Removed From Office

Above is a great graphic from Axios.

It shows Republican members of the Senate categorized by how popular President Trump is in the state.

If there is a House impeachment and after a Senate trial all Senate Democrats vote for a Trump conviction, more than 19 Republicans would need to flip and vote for a conviction of Trump for him to be forced from office. (67 votes are needed for conviction).

That would mean
something like all 15 Republican senators where Trump is unpopular would have to vote for conviction. Plus Susan Collins and Cory Gardner, the two Republican senators from states that voted for Hillary Clinton (Maine and Colorado) and are not listed as part of the wall because they are close to a lock to vote for conviction.

Plus at least 5 Republican senators in states where Trump is popular.

At this point, Trump is safe. There are nowhere near enough Republican senators that will vote for conviction. It would take a massive shift in public opinion to crack the red wall of protection.


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