Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Trump: It's A Coup Attempt!

President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening really cranked things up with these two tweets:

And in a very real sense, Trump is correct. It is the axis of the MSM, the Democratic Party and the Intelligence wing of the Deep State, that is attempting to remove him from office on sketchy charges which would never have even raised an eyebrow if done by other presidents, such as Obama or the Bushes.

Indeed, they have all done things much worse than Trump, things that have been ignored.

At best, Trump has only a 50-50 percent chance of holding on to the presidency but the tweets above indicate that, at least at this point, he is still willing to go down fighting, and he is trying to rally his supporters almost to civil war pitch.

He is in animal instinct survival mode. We are going to see how much pressure he can really take and what steps he is willing to go to protect his regime. Is he even healthy enough to withstand the attack being launched at him?

This is a high Skeaksperean drama.

Of course, the other question is what happens if Trump is removed from office? What does the axis have planned for Act II?

Who do they have waiting in the wings for election day, November 3, 2020? Will Trump supporters get behind such a candidate or will Trump provide us with the greatest libertarian gift he could on departure, a split government with split supporters not willing to give the otherside an inch?



  1. What if he gets impeached, thrown out, then reelected?

    1. The Senate, in theory, could bar him from holding office in the future. Since a US president has never been removed, I have to wonder if that penalty would be imposed.

  2. Most Americans are not only too stupid to vote but few even know what impeachment means. There still has to be a trial in the senate if it goes that far.

    1. And some of us are smart enough not to vote.

    2. That basically shifts the result of voting from merely bad to disastrous.

      There's nothing wrong with exploiting widely held ridiculous belief into the magic power of the numerological ritual to transmute private evil into public virtue in order to throw some wooden shoes into the works of the plutocratic machine. Trump is nothing more than one such sabot, which as far as I'm concerned is about the only reason to go out and vote for him.

  3. The Lab Manager is way smarter than most Americans. Don't believe it? Just ask him. The problem with most Americans is that most Americans think they are smarter than most Americans. They all see a sea of stupidity all about them. And they all know just what to do to fix it all. Everyone is above average. Me? I'm too stupid to vote. When my honey serves peaches and yogurt for dessert, we call it yogurt impeachment. It doesn't matter who occupies the oval office. It is a rental unit and the landlord is the Pentagon.