Friday, October 25, 2019

Trump Apparently to Reverse Full Syrian Troop Withdrawal (in Order to Grab the Oil)

President Trump certainly thinks like a leader of an Empire, he just wants to make sure the lucre from any land grab is sufficient enough to justify the effort.

The US is reportedly planning to deploy tanks and other heavy military hardware to protect oil fields in eastern Syria, in a reversal of Donald Trump’s earlier order to withdraw all troops from the country, reports The Guardian.

And get this, according to The Guardian:
The most likely destination for US armoured units is a Conoco gas plant near the city of Deir Ezzor, the site of a February 2018 clash between US special forces and Syrian regime-backed militias fighting with Russian mercenaries...
[I]t is quite likely it would take more troops to deploy, maintain, supply and protect armoured units in the middle of the eastern Syrian desert than the roughly 1,000 that were in the country before the Turkish invasion..
“It would mean walling off eastern Syria as a US zone,” Aaron Stein, director of the Middle East programme at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Washington, said of the plan to put tanks around the Conoco plant. “You would have to protect it from the air. You have to supply it and then you have got to protect the road, presumably from Iraq. You can easily see a scenario where we end up with more troops in Syria than we started off with.”


  1. Well golly shucks I never thunk sumthin like this wood happens!

  2. Is there any decision that Trump has not reversed on?