Thursday, October 31, 2019

Top US General: Expect Blowback From the Baghdadi Killing

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi
The Commander of United States Central Command, Marine Corps Gen. Frank McKenzie, who oversaw the raid that killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, said he expects ISIS to attempt a retribution attack.


What the hell are we doing in that part of the world?

“ISIS is first and last an ideology, so we’re under no illusions that it's going to go away just because we killed Baghdadi. It will remain,” McKenzie now tells us.

“They will be dangerous. We suspect they will try some form of retribution attack, and we are postured and prepared for that,” he said. “But we should recognize that, again, since it's an ideology, you’re never going to be able to completely stamp it out.”


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  1. What the hell the powers that should not be are doing in that part of the world is using it as they see fit. After all they see it and its residence as their property. Ideologies other than those that support the powers that should not be will be demonized and exploited. ISIS is perfect for the military industrial complex wing of the powers that should not be.