Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Socialists Are Coming: Massive Rally in New York City for Bernie Sanders

The crowd Saturday at a rally for Bernie Sanders
The socialist movement in the United States is growing. You are in denial if you don't recognize it.

Socialist Bernie Sanders drew a crowd on Saturday in New York City that exceeded the crowd drawn by Elizabeth Warren last month in New York City's Washington Square Park.

Warren's crowd in September was estimated to be at 20,000. The Sanders' crowd was estimated to be 30% larger at 26,000.

The socialist, Democratic party congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was on hand to endorse Sanders.

“It wasn’t until I heard of a man by the name of Bernie Sanders that I began to question and assert and recognize my inherent value as a human being,” AOC told the crowd.

Notes Politico, "Sanders’ aides believe that Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsement will not only excite his current voters, but also broaden his appeal among young voters, people of color, and women who are not yet behind him. She is expected to campaign for him soon in the first-in-the-nation caucus state of Iowa."

Bernie laid it on thick, he probably did better than Lenin back in the day.

"If you are willing to … love, to fight for a government of compassion, of justice, and decency… If you and millions of others are prepared to do that, there is no doubt in my mind that not only will we win this election, but together we will transform this country,” Bernie said.

As for AOC, she appears to be an economic ignoramus that has no understanding of how the general standard of living can be raised. (Hint: It is not through demanding "rights.") but she does know how to talk to the masses who do not think deeply:
In the long-run, she is more dangerous than Bernie.



  1. ""It wasn’t until I heard of a man by the name of Bernie Sanders that I began to question and assert and recognize my inherent value as a human being,” AOC told the crowd."

    What a coincidence! It wasn't until I heard of a woman by the name of AOC that I began to question her inherent value as a human being.

  2. America needs an Augusto Pinochet and lots of helicopters.

    1. Electing Trump demonstrates that America has no intention of reducing government. Aoc, Trump, Sanders.. It's all a wash for me.

    2. Yes, because government thugs terrorizing the populace has been a stalwart libertarian position since forever. Are you sure you are in the right place?

    3. To murder? Lab M you never fail.
      Just for kicks, what if they “win”. How long will it, can it last? 70 years in America? I doubt that long. What might come after, if of course many are left alive. A weakened state where cops can be bought off to feed their families? I’m not saying I want socialism to succeed in any way, but what if it does here? How then are we to live? Pray for a Pinochet? No thanks, I won’t will one tyrant over another.
      The best we can do for now is what TL, EPJ, The Ron PAUL Institute, Mises institute, and the many others that are doing that ultimately wins. Hearts and minds with the truth. Heck I was chatting with a Brazilian Anarchist just yesterday via social
      Media, it was great, I turned him onto Mises Brazil and he went nuts. Things are never as bad as they seem, and while the movie “Inspector general” they say, “no lad, things are even much much worse”, there is always hope, cause there is always a future.
      Libertarians have to show there is a better way, and be that better way. Be the change you want to be, not just see. People notice, and it’s infectious. They will want what you have inside. I’ve seen it right here where I live in a fascinating way I could never imagine possible. And it’s growing. Don’t give up, and don’t give in to be the evil they are, ever.

    4. What most Americans fail to understand is that socialism is a fanatical and homicidal cult. It already murdered over hundred millions people; how many more millions would you want to see dead at the hands of socialists to see the point in exterminating this cult with extreme prejudice whereever it pops up?

      You can't reason with brainwashed cultists, you cannot educate them. They want to enslave you and force you to be an obedient drone in their vision of collective utopia, and their predecessors have shown that they will stop at nothing to compel the obedience. Do you really want to wait until you're digging another Belomorkanal to satisfy yourself that you really need to defend yourself from the cult? It's way too late at that point.

  3. What do you call a group of losers? A loss?

    "Look kids! A loss of losers! Oh and they're losing right now!"

  4. Hey, at least Bernie practices what he preaches. He's become a millionaire by confiscating from taxpayers his entire adult life. Now you can too!