Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Dangerous Mass Lunacy of Social Justice

This is an important interview by The New American’s Alex Newman of Michael Rectenwald, author of Springtime for Snowflakes: 'Social Justice' and Its Postmodern Parentage.

It will scare you to death.

Particularly valuable in the interview is Rectenwald's observations about the similarities between the social justice movement and Mao's vicious cultural revolution. I have also touched on this point, see, for example, Is Mizzou the Start of a New Mao 'Cultural Revolution' Long March Toward Violence Against Hated Classes?

Also, his warning about the infiltration of social justice into public schools is a very important reason why schooling should be moved to the private sector where alternatives would certainly develop.


(ht Charles Burris)


  1. The social justice stuff was big into the lead up to the Iranian revolution as well. Which led to disasterous consequences for everyone involved

  2. Quite a few people noted the uncanny similarity of American "social justice" to the beginnings of the Cultural Revolution in China. The difference is that the white working and middle classes (aka "deplorables") in US still cling to their guns, and if the push comes to shove they will take them out - and exterminate the gun-averse SJW snowflakes promptly. The leaders of the American cultural revolution understand that, and thus push for civilian disarmament. And we already have the "struggle sessions" all over in academia and industry for those deemed insufficiently PC.