Monday, October 28, 2019

The Bastard George McGovern and the Current Obesity Crisis

George McGovern
I am doing some research on the evil old government created food pyramid which encouraged heavy intake of carbohydrates.

Many attribute the current obesity crisis to that pyramid.

Here is what I just came across.

From the Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung:


McGovern must have been deep into the pockets of the grain industry. Later, after unsuccesful presidential runs, in April 1998,  he began a three-year stint as United States ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture after having been named to the post by President Bill Clinton.

He also, in 2001, began working with fellow former senator Bob Dole to persuade the Senate to support  expanded school lunch, food stamps, and "nutritional" help for pregnant women and poor children in the U.S.



  1. "Heart healthy vegetable oils" have also contributed to the obesity epidemic. These are actually industrial seed oils that are basically metabolic poison. Here is a good article summarizing the studies and their findings:

  2. Relying on government for anything is like taking time management advice from the DMV. Now the pyramid has been replaced by MyPlate. Not as horrible as the pyramid but anyone taking dietary advice from the USDA deserves the health they get. Not only is this organization heavily politicized and lobbied but the current human knowledge is insufficient to know the appropriate diet for everyone.

    We need to take responsibility for our own health. Doctors, nutritionists and other experts are limited in their knowledge and human life has changed radically from our hunter gatherer days. Look at the crazy old food pyramid telling us to eat mostly grains. How many of your doctors told you how upside-down that was?

    IMO the most important aspect of diet today is fat. The typical diet today is too heavy in omega 6 fatty acid. Too much vegetable oils used in food preparation and not enough meat, eggs and dairy derived from pastured animals.

  3. Dr. Fung is awesome. He has a ton of video lectures on youtube and a guest on a variety of health podcasts. Definitely a rabbit hole you should explore. Especially if you, or anyone you know is suffering form Type 2 diabetes. It is easily reversible.

  4. Sugar is ok, Salt is bad for you, take a statin to lower your "bad" cholesterol, etc.

    Government democide on steroids.