Saturday, October 19, 2019

Thank You, Hillary Clinton!

Hillary is not very bright.

She lost the 2016 election all on her own and now she is giving fuel to the Tulsi Gabbard campaign for absolutely no reason.



Now, plus 70,000


  1. I'm starting to suspect Tulsi is a Manchurian Candidate being groomed for 2020. She's a young woman of some color, yet un-threatening to white racists. She's supposedly anti-war, yet served in the military multiple times on her own accord. She's supposedly anti-establishment, yet sits on the CFR and tows the big government line on nearly every issue. I think she's a perfect bridge for the old "liberals" and progressives, with manufactured appeal to libertarians, youth and moderates.

    She checks so many damn boxes I'm beginning to think it's a set-up. Look at the narrative the left built for Obama. It was the right narrative at the right time. I think they're setting the table again. In wrestling terms, Hillary is playing the heel and putting over Gabbard, the fresh, brash babyface.

    1. If that were true, that she is some sort of establishment manipulation, then she would rise like Obama did. Instead the media do everything they can to make sure that doesn't happen. She hasn't been picked. Merely misguided useful idiot on many subjects other than some aspects of war.

      The establishment is afraid of any anti-war voice getting traction and as a result of that fear it does stupid things. For instance this choice by HRC.

      Serving by choice knowing how foolish and bad that war is reminds me of "The Americanization of Emily" where Garner's character signed up for social reasons despite being a coward and understanding some of the key frauds of war.

    2. Cut her some slack, she was a field medic - even Ron Paul served in the Air Force as a medical officer during the Viewnam war. She claims her anti-war views were shaped by what she saw while enlisted.

  2. If Pimento is correct its is a chillingly masterful job of underdog spin doctoring with knee jerk sympathy bartering that the Idiocracy would readily fall for. Unfortunately, the left has not shown itself capable of playing a game on THAT level since that last anti-war condidate got into the big house and lied about what he would do with Foreign policy.

    Jimmy's point is also compelling lacking that groomed rise. But marginalizing a demographically desirable candidate that tugs regularly on the patriotic heart strings is a powerful ploy to generate interest and RW already points out the rise in her social buzz.

    To be honest the only ploy the left has that could unseat the Idiocracy darling is someone that seems more genuine and with greater credibility over the Cheeto in chief.

    She will still lie and still sell the US voter down the river, but thats the way it is with all presidents in every case.

  3. Hillary may be unthinkingly fueling Tulsi's campaign because individuals with paranoid ideation do not consider the consequences of their actions.