Saturday, October 26, 2019

Saturday Video: Arsenio Hall Goes Off On Queer Nation

Can you imagine if he tried to pull this off today during the Snowflake era.




  1. "I'm black, so therefore I'm incapable of discriminating." Yeah, whatever. His other arguments were spot-on though.

  2. I found that ridiculous also. Anecdotally blacks have been considered more discriminatory against gays. Also blacks were reported (in the '90's) to consider gay rights less important than black rights.

    The key is that Arsenio stood up for himself and comedians. That this was more prevalent in the '90's is probably why the '90's PC movement sputtered; people just called BS when they saw BS. We are missing that.

    As Eddie Murphy put it about ten years earlier: Watch the whole clip from the beginning. It's hilarious to me but, I'm not gay. But I don't see why a gay person could not find it funny.

  3. Well yeah, but.
    First thing they ain't gay, they homosexual. Or queer. Stop ripping off the word.
    Second thing, I could care less that Arsenio is black.
    What's that have to do with jack?

    There are no special rights for any minority, be they homosexual, black or whatever.
    That's what the group that invaded the studio wanted and granted to some extent Arsenio was unwilling to give them. So B+.

    And whatever happened to Arsenio anyway?
    Never watched his show and don't know how long it ran, did he fizzle out etc.?