Thursday, October 24, 2019

How Mark Zuckerberg Should Have Handled Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tortured Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg yesterday on Capitol hill. The torturing was broadcast.

Zuck is clearly uncomfortable in these situations and doesn't have a quick wit or just plain street savvy to deal with a monstrous socialist like AOC.

She pressed him on running political ads where lies are told.

His response should have been something along the lines of:
Facebook is a platform where people can deliver any message they want. We are not in the business of censorship. You congresswoman are in the business of limiting freedoms. If you want to make it illegal for certain types of speech, you can certainly make a law that prevents such.
And quite frankly, I wouldn't mind a law that throws politicians in jail for lying, misleading or breaking promises. The longer the sentences the better.
And then if he wanted to go full Weznel Federal Reserve style, he could have added:
And I hope the first target is your Green New Deal, which is a fraud if I ever saw one. It should be rembered that your former chief-of-staff admitted the GND is about advancing interventionism more than anything else. So yeah, I would like to see politicans thrown in jail for lying, misleading and breaking promises. 


  1. Listen Sandy, I’m a business man not your enforcer for truth in advertising. Employers are already miss-used by you in the government to enforcer immigration laws and to collect your taxes. If Facebook were required to police the truthfulness of statements made by politicians we would have to ban politicians from our site. You politicians lie and twist the truth every time you open your mouths. You are as bad if not worse than the rest of your political class. Your page would be the first to go.

  2. We need to get RW invited to testify before the House of Reprehensibles. That would be entertaining.

  3. "We at Facebook allowed the following statement to be published on our platform: 'Unemployment Is Low Because Everyone Has Two Jobs' Do you, congresswoman, think we should have blocked this for being false? I seem to recall that you mad a statement something to the effect that you aren't concerned with the little bitty details of truth, so long as you have good intentions. Does this exemption from truth apply only to you?"

  4. Every single one of those monsters attacking him has a Facebook page, not to mention his other platforms. He should cancel them all and remove their vocal chords from their stupid throats.

  5. How galling, to be cross-examined in such a condescending manner by what is essentially an air-headed college Buffy.