Friday, October 25, 2019

BREAKING: Tulsi Gabbard Announces That She Will Not Seek Re-election to Congress in 2020

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard announced late Thursday that she will not seek re-election to Congress from Hawaii's 2nd congressional district.

Her message was that she will continue to devote extensive time to her presidential campaign, but...

Public Policy Polling put this note out earlier this month:
A new PPP survey of Democratic primary voters in Tulsi Gabbard’s Congressional district, Hawaii’s 2nd, finds that her constituents think she should drop out of the [Presidential] race and that she’s likely to have trouble winning nomination for another term in the House next year...
Beyond doing poorly in her home district in the Presidential race, it looks like Gabbard will have trouble if she runs for reelection to the House next year. 50% of Democratic primary voters in the district say they would generally prefer to vote for someone else, compared to just 38% who say they want to nominate Gabbard for another term. Gabbard does lead Kai Kahele 48-26 in a named primary match up, but incumbents who start out below 50% in a primary contest tend to have a pretty hard time winning nomination again. Gabbard’s also under 50% with Democratic primary voters when it comes to her approval rating- 44% approve and 34% disapprove.
Gabbard is generally polling between 1% and 2% in the Democratic presidential nomination race.



  1. Wonder why she doesn’t wear one of her military uniforms, or whatever is allowed that’s close to one of these debates? Wouldn’t it be hard to attack a “hero”?

    1. Just my guess, but it's probably a violation of the military code to campaign for office while wearing a uniform. I like the idea, though.