Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Beware of Street Revolutions (Hong Kong Edition)

Unless a street revolution has at its core a desire for greater free markets and liberty, reject it.

 Thomas Luongo reports on the unrest in Hong Kong:

It’s become quite clear to me that the situation in Hong Kong is now about regime change through economic terrorism. What started as peaceful protests against an extradition law and worry over reunification with China has morphed into an ugly and vicious assault on the city’s economic future.

These are being perpetrated by the so-called “Block Bloc,” roving bands of mask-wearing, police-tactic defying vandals attacking randomly around the city to disrupt people going to work...

The goal is to thoroughly undermine China’s standing on the world stage and raise that of the U.S. This is economic warfare, it’s a hybrid war tactic. And the soldiers are radicalized kids in uniforms bonking old men on the heads with sticks and taunting cops.



  1. I suppose Trump is not being informed of the US contribution to the mess. And if he was being briefed, I wonder if he would think it is wrong.

  2. This has all the makings of a color revolution regime change operation. The US government/Deep State, and its surrogates, are at it again.

  3. That “roving bands of mask-wearing, police-tactic defying vandals attacking randomly around the city to disrupt people going to work...” in Hong Kong will help cause regime change in China seems ridiculous. Not just ridiculous but counterproductive. Wouldn’t disrupting people going to work just piss off a very large portion of those that regime changers need in their camp?

    Of course color revolutionists and the rest of the powers that should not be have different ideas of what is productive. Madness is often their method. Considering that the powers that shouldn’t be hold so much power there is reason to believe that these tactics will help to bring about what they desire.

    They certainly do not desire freedom in Hong Kong, China or anywhere. The powers that shouldn’t be are not one but may gangs of thieves. This complicates trying to figure out the goal of these tactics. It could be the US gang trying to hold on to the economic power that is slipping away from them. Or more likely it is the Chinese gang trying to make the protesters look bad to the working class and set the population against the protest.