Friday, October 4, 2019

Attendee at AOC Town Hall Calls for 'Eating Babies' To Save the Planet

The president nailed this one:

The Salem witch hunts probably sounded something like this.

From Murray Rothbard's Conceived in Liberty:

That said, the "eat the babies" rant was probably a brilliant Saul Alinsky tactic used by some anti-AOC group who is just taking AOC's climate rant to its ultimate conclusion.

Note that AOC's idiotic response to the rant was only, "We have more than a few months." At a fundamental level she is calling for many attacks on civilization that are justified on the same basis as the "eat the babies" call. There is only a difference of a few degrees.



  1. If this scenario isn’t an undercover job to discredit AOC and the climate doomers, it ought to be. Absolutely brilliant.

  2. I took it as a prank. Well played!

  3. Don't laugh. Some are already pushing for post partum abortion up to (I think) three months. "Eat Your Baby" is the logical next step. Question: can you eat your baby if you are vegan?

  4. It was a plant. Solid troll job. Almost as good of a troll job as Climate Change itself.

  5. Interesting historical connection. Rothbard as usual seems quite insightful. Sad that more people don't recognize the irrationality and inhumanity of politics. Don't vote. Initiate no action that is not voluntary.

  6. I assume the rant was bases somewhat on this:

    Because of you deniers in 12 years we will have this:

  7. Lol, my first assumption was this was so looney it had to indeed be a set-up. I agree with several other posters above . Hopefully some journalist will track this person down & interview them .

  8. Replies
    1. In their tweet claiming responsibility, the LaRouche press release says not one word about the stunt or the actress. I do not believe LaRouche has proven in any way that they were behind this. Tweeting the words "it was us" doesn't cut it.

  9. That girl is obviously a troll, but very funny all the same. I wonder how many leftist she got thinking, "Hmmm...maybe we should eat them?". LOL