Wednesday, September 25, 2019

White House Releases Transcript of President Trump’s Call with Ukraine Leader


RW reaction:

What an idiot. This is what you have underlings for. You keep your hands clean and cut those who have to be cut.

Trump should have left this kind of talk to Giuliani.

Nevertheless, the stakes here are high. We could lose the buffoon Trump and control of government could move entirely in the hands of the Democrats and their extreme socialist ways.

The buffoon needs to be supported here or else he must go right away so that we get some other Republicans in the presidential race.



  1. This was brilliant. Now people will finally start looking into [CrowdStrike].

  2. This is another big nothing burger. The Democrats apparently had contacted the Ukraine last year over they Mueller investigation making some veiled threats if they did not cooperate. Once again, Trump played them for fools though they always do a great job on their own.

    As Ann Coulter treated, if Nancy is going to help with his campaign for 2020, he should throw her few bucks.

  3. This won't go anywhere. People have a hard time articulating why we should care about this. That's why Whitewater went nowhere. On the other hand, something easy to understand, such as Chris Christie shutting down a busy bridge on purpose or hogging a beach for himself, result in the most damage for the perpetrator.