Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Walter Block vs. Bernie Sanders in the Mile Run

The great libertarian Walter Block and the socialist Bernie Sanders were on the same track team at James Madison High School in Brooklyn, NY.

After seeing this:

I emailed the clip to Walter and asked, "Were you faster?"

James Madison High School 
His response:

"Bernie was one of the best long distance high school runners in the entire city. I was a mediocre miler, cross country runner. My best time for the mile was something like 5:05. I never broke 5 minutes."



  1. Shame on Bernie for such a crass display of unequal, disparate ability and skill-set. Greedy, exploitative, one-percenters like that should be forced to start the race with a handicap: Start 30 seconds behind everyone else, or be forced to run with a ball-and-chain to their ankle...

    1. You beat me to it. I was going to say he should have had a leg amputated or a foot removed to "level the playing field".

  2. I hope the other guys at least got participation medals. I hear Walter Block has dozens of them in his scrapbook.