Thursday, September 12, 2019

TWITTER BATTLE: Rand Paul's Top Strategist vs. Liz Cheney

Dick and the daughter.
The daughter of the evil one started it with the below tweet after Rand Paul tweeted "Why do some neocons continue to advocate for endless wars?  I stand with @realdonaldtrump on ending wars.  Let’s focus on America First, not Afghanistan!" :
Doug Stafford chief strategist for Rand Paul responded:



  1. There's something so distasteful and unseemly about female warmongers, glorifying or agitating for war, knowing as they do that they likely will never be subject to military conscription and therefore will be safely ensconced at home while others die for their patriotism. I get the same feeling when politicians do it too, knowing that their sons and daughters will get a politically-sourced exemption from "serving" as well.

    1. Well said. I couldn’t agree more.

    2. That's exactly right. Well said.

    3. It's like being at the bar, chilling, and then your girlfriend picks a fight with the biggest redneck around, squawking "My boyfriend will kick your ass!"

  2. Senator Paul has this:

    Senator Rand Paul

    Hi @Liz_Cheney, President @realDonaldTrump hears all your NeverTrump warmongering. We all see your pro-Bolton blather. I’m just grateful for a president who, unlike you, supports stopping these endless wars.

    9:59 AM - Sep 12, 2019