Thursday, September 12, 2019

Trump Flirts With $15 Billion Bailout for Iran

President Donald Trump has left the impression with foreign officials, members of his administration, and others involved in Iranian negotiations that he is actively considering a French plan to extend a $15 billion credit line to the Iranians if Tehran comes back into compliance with the Obama-era nuclear deal, reports The Daily Beast.

According to the Beast, the deal put forward by France would compensate Iran for oil sales disrupted by American sanctions. A large portion of Iran’s economy relies on cash from oil sales. Most of that money is frozen in bank accounts across the globe. The $15 billion credit line would be guaranteed by Iranian oil. In exchange for the cash, Iran would have to come back into compliance with the nuclear accord it signed with the world’s major powers in 2015. Tehran would also have to agree not to threaten the security of the Persian Gulf or to impede maritime navigation in the area. Lastly, Tehran would have to commit to regional Middle East talks in the future.

This is certainly better than war but Trump should have just left the original Obama-era nuclear deal in place.

And why is my taxpayer money going to bail out a Trump blunder? Let him use his own billions.



  1. The Art of the Deal: renege on the Obama era Iran deal, which, mind you, the Iranians were following; set the Middle East on a hair-trigger in the process; make a worse deal than the original one; claim victory.

    4-D Chess at its best.