Monday, September 23, 2019

Trump Defends Rudy Giuliani, Rips CNN’s Chris Cuomo as ‘Fredo’

Ok, let's set the scene.

About a month ago Chris Cuomo was called "Fredo." He didn't like it:


President Trump Cuomo at the time after the video was released. He said  Cuomo resembled a “total out-of-control animal” and, in tweets, suggested he would not be allowed weapons under “red flag” laws that help authorities take guns from people deemed dangerous.

Last week, Trump's friend and attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared on Cuomo's CNN show defending the president against allegations that Trump had demanded that Ukraine investigate Joe Biden's son.

The left was vicious in its attack on Giuliani after his appearance claiming he even contradicted


 When President Trump, in the midst of meetings with world leaders on the first day of the UN’s General Assembly. was asked about Giuliani's appearance on the show, he let it rip, referring to Cuomo as "Fredo."


The Trump campaign has been selling 'Fredo Unhinged' shirts since Cuomo's viral video.

I have to say, at least with Trump, he delivers some pretty good entertainment though he has no idea how to advance liberty,


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  1. Are we talking about the Sundowner Idiocrat in Chief that doesnt have the neurons required to every pitfall his cabinet sets for him or wherewithal to use anything other than bully tactics like the tin plated dictator of some third world shithole?

    Clueless pot meet kettle!