Saturday, September 7, 2019

TRAILER: "The Rise of Jordan Peterson" Documentary

The feature documentary, directed by Patricia Marcoccia, charts the rise of Jordan Peterson the hero of youth suffocated by political correctness.

 “Even people who think they’ve seen it all have not seen what we’ve been able to capture in this film,” Marcoccia says. “It’s always been important to me that the film remains nuanced, honest and human, especially in the polarized and explosive media landscape we’re currently in.”

The world premiere will take place in Toronto on Sept 26.

 A day-and-date rollout in theaters and on-demand is set for October 29, reports Deadline.



  1. He's a world class liar and charlatan; he's "authorized."

  2. I really admire his honesty and straightforwardness also his courage and articulate way to analyze and communicate ideas. He's the right kind of thinker for our day

  3. He is so straightforward, he can't answer "Does God exist?" with a simple yes or no.

    Please, dude.