Friday, September 20, 2019

This is a Real Sick Copper

Back in July, Zachary Wester, a Jackson County, Florida cop, was caught planting drugs on multiple occasions during traffic stops. He has been arrested on felony charges after his own body camera revealed him planting drugs during traffic stops for at least a year.

 This is video is pretty incredible:


Investigators found 42 items of drug paraphernalia in Wester's car, including 10 separately packaged quantities of methamphetamine and five separately packaged quantities of marijuana, said Chris Williams, assistant special agent in charge of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Pensacola region.

Prosecutors have dropped charges in nearly 120 cases that occurred between 2016 and 2018 where Wester was involved.

Cops can often enforce some really bad laws and stretch the truth, but this clown goes to the head of the class with his sick operation.

It should also be pointed out that it is much easier to frame someone for the victimless "crime" of drug possession than pretty much anything else. Drug laws suit bad cops probably more than any other and another good reason to abolish all drug laws.



  1. To add insult to injury, Jackson County was hit hard by Hurricane Michael last October, but it looks like the deputy was fired in September before the storm hit. Really sick to heap this on someone who may have lost their home or otherwise dealing with the stress of a major storm.

  2. There are only two groups that benefit from drug laws: "drug lords" and law enforcement. They both generate enormous revenues from the drug wars. Everyone else suffers.

  3. Never agree to a search of your car. Say "not without a warrant, that's what my attorney has advised me". Don't answer any questions or speak with anyone who indicates they are investigating you for a crime. Just say, "I would love to answer your questions, but my attorney says that I'm not to do that". You never know what you might say that a prosecutor will twist into "evidence" that you did wrong.

    1. That's exactly right.

      - Don't talk to cops

      - Don't consent to searches

      - Invoke the 5th Amendment if you have to

      They will twist your words and find you "guilty" of something.

  4. I think nearly all police today are like this, to varying degrees. Yes, not all of them will plant drigs, but NOT ONE will rat out a criminal like this one. Not one.

    Nearly all officers will enforce even the lousiest laws against you if it benefits them. You should, as much as is possible, avoid any and all interactions with police.

  5. One corrupt cop caught. How many others are not caught?