Sunday, September 15, 2019

This is the Most Insane Thing That Trump Could Do Yet

President Trump tweeted the following on Saturday:

A Mutual Defense Treaty with Israel makes absolutely no sense for the United States.

First, we are not about to get attacked by anybody and Israel would not do any more nor less if we were attacked whether there is a Mutual Defense Treaty or not.

But more significant, a Mutual Defense Treaty would require the United States to get involved in any war that the very aggressive Israel manages to get itself into. And a Mutual Defense Treaty would give Israel the backup to be more aggressive toward its Middle East neighbors since for all practical purposes it would be a military outpost of the US military that calls its own shots and the US military would have to follow along.



  1. "First, we are not about to get attacked by anybody..."

    Au contraire, apparently the US is being invaded by immigrants! Perhaps the Israeli government could bomb northern Mexico.

  2. Hopefully Trump is running his mouth for the evangelical fools who believe the Zionist Christian BS. It's an amazing comment from someone who openly stated that the Iraq and Libya battles were costly and stupid.

  3. I feel like I just took the first seat on the Death - O - Coaster ride. WRONG RIDE!!

  4. The man is a bull in a china shop. His moves are incomprehensible and potentially very damaging.

  5. US Middle East policy is already directed by Israel. Nothing would change.