Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The New Class War: Kids Against Adults

Greta Thunberg
The 16-year old Swede Greta Thunberg is getting a lot of coverage from left-wing mainstream media these days.

And why not? She is leading a new "struggle": kids against adults under the guise of fighting the climate "crisis." The fact that no one quizzes her on how deep her understanding is of climate or the relationship between climate change and economics, doesn't matter. It's all about a new direction from which to introduce a class struggle and advance the goal of tearing down western civilization.

The angry one spoke at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York, yesterday.

Her rude, demagogic-style speech should have been enough to have gotten her sent back to Sweeden in a fast fossil-fuel burning jet. Instead, they clapped.

Just watch the below.

She looks as though she was plucked right out of Lefty central casting. No doubt trained by her lefty parents, her mother the Swedish opera singer Malena Ernman and her father Svante Thunberg, a Swedish arts manager, producer, and actor.

And do not ignore the fact that, yes, Thunberg is framing the so-called climate "crisis" as a class struggle between kids and adults.

The parents appear to be quite the opportunists. In 2018, they published a book, "Scenes from the Heart" (Swedish: Scener ur hjärtat). It is a book about the family and promoted as a Malena Ernman autobiography.

The book has now been translated into several languages. In the original edition, only Ernman and Svante Thunberg are credited as authors with Ernmam on the cover. But Greta has been given top credit in new editions, and her photo is on the cover of the German edition.

The new edition and the earlier edition.
There's money to be made in cooked-up class struggles and in climate change fearmongering.




  1. I haven't seen such scene-chewing, over-acting since...well, since yesterday's episode of The Young and The Restless."

  2. It was quite the scene having a privileged white girl telling us brown rubes how inconsiderate of us for wanting to be less poor. 'We' stole her dreams, she claims. She sounded like a Pol Pot acolyte accusing her elders of being too Western.

  3. That’s one small guilt trip for man, one giant guilt trip for mankind.

  4. Trump did a good job of trolling her with one of his tweets. I could not imagine this from an Obummer or !Jeb!.

    CO2 and AGW is a fraud, but there should be some concern for the plastics entering the food chain. It's mostly Asian countries causing the problem, but that can't be said because facts be like 'da rasis'.

  5. The girl gives me the creeps. I wonder what Michael Edelstein thinks of her.

    1. I recommend 3 years of daily ECT to help her forget her programming.

    2. Hahaha...I was going to suggest that she be taken out to the woodshed for a good thrashing, but ECT works for me.

  6. Looks like she was scoffed at by some, and told to grow up by quite a few at the UN. Even the French and German delegations were pretty much unimpressed, and said so.

  7. Certainly worthy of an Emmy nomination.

  8. Her parents (and "educators") need to be jailed for serious child abuse. The girl is obviously brainwashed, and the damage done to her will lead to life-time of mental health problems -- assuming she won't suicide before her 30s, which is quite likely.