Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The New York Times Praises Mao Zedong as "One of History's Great Revolutionaries”...

Mao Tse-tung

...and they have a point, in a horrific sort of way.

He was a revolutionary that was very successful for himself with his Commie hustle but his revolution resulted in tens of millions dead.

A street revolution, before a mind revolution in the direction of freedom, is always a very dangerous thing.

On Monday, The New York Times honored the mass-murdering communist tyrant Mao by calling him “One of History’s Great Revolutionary Figures” without mentioning the tens of millions killed on his watch, reports The Gateway Pundit.

NYT had sent out this tweet:

Under an explosion of outrage, the tweet was deleted and NYT sent out this:

It is doubtful, the outrage to the initial tweet came from any of the AOC socialist groupies. In 10-years, if present trends continue, there will be few who will raise hell at such an NYT move.

Mao will be thought of as a hero and grandfatherly type.


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  1. I guess some idiots at the NYT think he is great in that Way Worse than Hitler sort of way.