Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Should I Focus on AAA Rather Than AOC?

 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Mark C. emails:
Why don’t you give AOC a break and write about AAA?

Missouri: Illegal Alien Arrested on 16 Sexual Abuse Charges, Including Statutory Rape of Two Minors
RW response:

I am assuming that the reference to the pervert Alejandro Alcala-Avala is an attempt to use an anecdotal example to imply that there is somehow a problem with the entire ethnic group that AAA is part of.

However, one example of a Latino pervert is hardly proof that all Latinos are perverts or that perverts are the exclusive domain of Latinos. See, for example, 10 Disturbing Stories About Hollywood’s Pedophile Problem.

But more important, it is hardly the most valuable use of my time to spend it pointing out that perverts are despicable people. It is hardly the case that most people are going to disagree with the view. It is generally held.

At the same time, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has 5.3 million followers on Twitter. The followers are largely young and enthusiastic about her promotion of socialism.

I doubt that there are more than 10 of her followers who think that a pervert should be supported.

At the same time, most of her followers support the idea of socialism/communism,  a central planning concept which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions.

So where should I spend my time?

Pointing out the evils of a pervert that most of society will agree is a despicable human being or battle the socialist ideas of AOC that are gaining in acceptance?

The answer is not difficult to deduce.


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