Friday, September 27, 2019

Paul Ryan Advising Fox News to Break From Trump

Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman reports:

 In recent months, Rupert’s oldest son [ Lachlan Murdoch] has been holding strategy conversations with Fox executives and anchors about how Fox News should prepare for life after Trump. Among the powerful voices advising Lachlan that Fox should decisively break with the president is former House speaker Paul Ryan, who joined the Fox board in March. “Paul is embarrassed about Trump and now he has the power to do something about it,” an executive who’s spoken with Ryan told me. (Ryan did not return a call seeking comment.) But a person more sympathetic to Trump has told Lachlan that Fox should remain loyal to Trump’s supporters, even if the network has to break from the man. “We need to represent our viewers,” the source said. “Fox is about defending our viewers from the people who hate them. That’s where our power comes from. It’s not about Trump.” -RW


  1. Why is an ignorant loser like Ryan qualified to give any advice to Fox News? And he is outstanding example of a 'cuckservative'. The only person worth watching on Fox these days is Tucker Carlson. I'm surprised they let him say what he does at this point.

    1. Agreed. As Mencken said, men who have been rejected in national elections tend to get nasty afterwards. He gave the example of John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay both being repeatedly rejected in presidential elections, then being the primary cause of the War Between the States.