Thursday, September 12, 2019

New Hampshire State Polling Shows Tulsi Gabbard Campaign with Momentum

Although she did not qualify for the national Democratic debate that will air from Houston on ABC tonight at 8:00 ET, Tulsi Gabbard is showing significant momentum in the Granite State.

Three New Hampshire state polls this week show she is gaining traction in-state.

Gabbard reached 6% support in an Emerson Poll of New Hampshire voters released Tuesday, September 10th. A Boston Herald-Franklin Pierce University poll yesterday showed Gabbard at 3%---ahead of candidates who made the debate stage this evening like Beto O’Rouke and Julian Castro.

And today, a new No-Labels New Hampshire poll shows Gabbard moving into 4th place in the New Hampshire primary at 6 percent in a virtually tie with Senator Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

But the support does not appear to be coming from libertarians.

"We have been watching her support slowly build for a while. There's still a strong military tradition among New Hampshire voters and her service likely resonates with them," said Spencer Kimball, the polling director for Emerson.



  1. Trump ought to hire her to replace Bolton. There aren't many in the country with better qualifications to deal peacefully with other countries.

    1. Thats a smart move and the Idiocrat in Chief doesnt make smart moves until its too late.

  2. Other than foreign policy, she is pretty worthless.

  3. Lab Manager: Tulsi has other reasonable positions on: marijuana legalization, ending the death penalty, against State surveillance, opposing Julian Assange arrest, and ending the mandatory minimum sentencing.