Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Joey Rothbard and the Donkeys

Murray and Joey Rothbard
David Gordon writes today at LRC:
Today would have been Joey Rothbard’s 91st birthday. She was Murray Rothbard’s “indispensable framework. ” She was a scholar in her own right, but she devoted her life to helping Murray. She was a wonderful friend, and I miss her very much.
This brings to mind a story Justin Raimondo once told me.

When Justin was visiting Murray and Joey in Las Vegas when Murray was teaching at UNLV, Justin and Joey decided one day to take a ride into the Las Vegas desert to feed the wild donkeys.

Being good libertarians, they ignored the government signs which ordered, "Do not feed the donkeys."

Once they started feeding the donkeys, donkeys seemingly came out of everywhere and they had to rush back into the car for their own safety and the donkeys surrounded the car and started kicking it.

The way Justin told the story, they barely got out alive.

Joey was very sharp. Here she is remembering Murray.


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