Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Indications US Attack on Iran Coming

This doesn't look good to people who think the United States should not be meddling in the Middle East.

Multiple reports indicate that Saudi Arabia is claiming to be increasingly confident that Iran directly launched a complex missile and drone attack from its southwestern territory on Saturday that severely damaged some of the kingdom’s oil facilities.

President Trump had previously tweeted that the US was "locked and loaded" and was awaiting confirmation from Saudi Arabia that the attack came from Iran:

Now comes word that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who early on had implied that Iran was the attacker, is traveling to Saudi Arabia today.

At the same time, a U.S. team is on the ground in Saudi Arabia helping collect cruise missile and drone debris from the attack on two oil facilities. U.S. officials are already saying Iranian weapons were used. But not all hit their targets. Some fell short, helping investigators build a case against Tehran, according to CNN's Barbara Starr.

It is reported that Saudi Arabia also recovered fully intact circuit boards from one of the weapons used in the attack and that the attack was sophisticated, specifically designed for plausible deniability by virtue of the route the missiles took.

According to David Martin of CBS, the US has now identified the exact locations Iran used to launch drones and cruise missiles. The locations are in Southern Iran (Northern end of the Persian Gulf). Saudi Arabian Air Defenses were oriented towards the South (Houthi-threats).

According to multiple sources, the Pentagon is preparing a report on who was responsible for the weekend attack on Saudi oil facilities and intends to make it public within 48 hours. You can be certain, the Pentagon will finger Iran.

Meanwhile, according to Al Jazeera, France says it has not seen any proof that would lead it to conclude the attack was launched by or from Iran.

But the US appears ready to attack Iran.

Vice President Michael Pence talking about Iran during his speech at the Heritage Foundation today said officials are still trying to determine if Iran is behind the Saudi oil attack. He also said U.S. "will take whatever action is necessary to defend our troops and allies in the gulf. You can count on it.”

At the same time, President Trump said he doesn’t want to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani next week in New York when the UN General Assembly is in session.

“I’m not looking to meet him. I don’t think they’re ready yet. But they’ll be ready,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on Monday. “At the right time, they’ll be ready. I never rule anything out, but I prefer not meeting him.”

It appears that a US attack is coming against Iran, a country hated by the neocons,other warhawks and most of the US military.

But this is Trump so you never know until it happens.



  1. War is never economically beneficial except for those in position to profit from war expenditures.” —Ron Paul

  2. Its good to see the Saudi terrorist state get a bloody nose. Lets hope it emboldens others to bring the pain to these killers.

  3. Grrr... I hate those Iranians. Ummm... can someone remind me why we hate the Iranians?

  4. It's so weird that we're all supposed to be waiting for incontrovertible proof that the Iranian government attacked Saudi Arabia, to justify the US government attacking Iran.