Friday, September 20, 2019

If You Want to Know What the Masses Look Like....

Multiple updates below.

...check out those that are taking to the streets today to "for a day of global protest over climate change."

It is doubtful that anyone in the crowds understands the complex nature of climate. These people just ride the "in" fads. Though this is an extremely dangerous fad because the fad includes demands for laws and other regulations that will distort the economy based on weak scientific grounds. Not to mention that the Green New Deal is a socialist plan that goes well beyond "fighting global climate change."

Here is how you can show you stand independent and against crowd madness. Wear this:

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A bird's eye view of the masses:



  1. Of course, I'm sure if asked not a one of these dolts would give up things like air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, walk/bike instead of ride a car or bus, or any number of things you can think of that are a convenience to a necessity now. Electricity, water, and petroleum are the holy trinity of modern society. Maybe they would consider taking a shower just once a week? Anyway, clueless.