Friday, September 27, 2019

Elizabeth Warren vs. Hillary Clinton

Because I held the view that Hillary Clinton would have been, for strategic reasons, a better presidential choice for libertarians than Donald Trump, because it would have created a ready-made group of Hillary-haters that would have been ripe for listening to libertarian arguments as a way to attack Hillary, a commenter asks why I don't hold the same view about Elizabeth Warren:
RW, so why wouldn't a Warren presidency create a large anti-Warren crowd that would be a prime target for libertarians to reach out to?
Well, first it is not clear that Warren would create a large anti-Warren crowd. She is an extremely shrewd demagogue. She, for example, would have never called any voters "deplorables."

But the differences go much deeper.

First, strictly from a health perspective, Hillary never had the energy that Warren does:

Warren is high energy for her age (70).
I do not want a high energy lefty as president.

Second, Hillary is a crony. She would have accepted all kinds of payoffs as president that would have kept the machine going. Warren does not appear to be motivated by money, only power.

Anyone motivated solely by power, especially a lefty, is very scary.

Third, she is a creative lefty calling for all kinds of new interventions. She has said that in her first week in office she would issue an executive order banning fracking. She was the first candidate to call for a wealth tax. She is anti-corporation and anti-Wall Street (The good Wall Street). She wants to negotiate "fair" trade. It really doesn't stop with her. I don't want a creative lefty as president. I want a dull, boring, crony, if there is no chance for a free market advocate as president.

My view is that Warren as president would be extremely dangerous. She is smart with a very dangerous central planning streak. She is nothing like the one-issue (healthcare) uncreative, crony Hillary.

Warren is very dangerous.



  1. She's totally unelectable, worse than Hillary. Trump wouldn't put Biden out to pasture if he thought Warren was a serious contender. My only concern is she tries to come off as a middle of the road moderate in the general election, a la Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin.

  2. So... hold your nose and vote for Trump. Hopefully the master troll leftie-baiter-in-chief will find many creative ways to drive Pocahontas mad.

  3. I was listening to Rush yesterday. He is an establishment whore of course and had to get on the Trump train to keep an audience, but these impeachment hearings have led to better fund raising numbers for the GOP according to him.

    These retards just know when to stop. All the Trump campaign would have to do is play any Warren soundbite as a campaign add. Hell, they don't even have to write material since the Democrats do it themselves.